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 9 & Three Quarters Embroidery & Design Studio

From monogrammed towels to bespoke baby blankets, caps, tote bags, and all kinds of garments and textiles.

Embroidery is an increasingly popular way to make something extra-special.

You can apply a company logo for stare-worthy swag, create one-of-a-kind presents for birthdays and anniversaries, or personalise souvenirs for company events, family and clan reunions, and all other special occasions.

Everything we do is Handmade!

Our Services


Several factors affect the cost for embroidery services and embroidered merchandise:

  • The amount of detail in a logo or image
  • The number of thread colours needed
  • The type of item being embroidered
  • The cost of purchasing merchandise from the embroidery service if you don't supply it yourself
  • The choice of direct embroidery on the object or creation of custom patches to be sewn onto the object
  • The number of items to be embroidered, which may mean a volume discount

Embroiderers often charge by the number of stitches per garment as well as thread colour changes. You could expect to pay anywhere from R35.00 each for a custom chest or cap size design, in addition to a once off digitising fee (for new designs).


Professional Digitising and Embroidery businesses invest in very powerful digitising software programes, like PULSE Illustrator/Signature. In-house digitising is preferred, to enable testing and ongoing refinement, to ensure that all designs have precision outcomes and remains cost efficient.

Digitising is the process of re-creating (re-drawing) an image and converting it into stitch files:- a permanent editing file (PXF), and a temporary machine readable file (DST). You can expect to pay between R150 to R250 per hour for a once-off digitising fee, depending on the amount of detail in the design.

Sublimation Printing

Sublimation is the process of a solid changing state directly into a gas, thus bypassing the liquid stage. When it comes to sublimation transfers, the ink is actually a microscopic solid particle, which is suspended in the liquid (essentially water) that is the liquid ink we see. When printed onto paper, the solid particle sits on the paper. When heated beyond 160C, this particle becomes a gas and binds chemically with the polyester fibres of the fabric, or the treated coating on ceramics.

When it comes to printing onto not synthetic products (like T-shirts), a different process is used for cotton fabrics. Whilst washability is fair, it’s nowhere near as good as sublimating onto a polyester fabric.

Screen Printing

One thing many customers do not realise is that screen printing is very much an art in more ways than one. Not all t-shirt printers or promotional clothing printers take the same care over the quality of the printing as we do. We make sure our print doesn’t crack, colours don’t overlap, the design is straight and the ink is thick enough.

Screen printing is a great process for larger orders 30 + units, and larger designs. Screen-printed t-shirts wash well and can maintain the print quality for some time. When screen printing, one colour at a time is applied and therefore the cost will increase with each additional colour applied. For each separate colour an additional screen is required, so a design with 4 colours in it will need 4 screens, this can make screen printing in many colours uneconomical if only a small run of clothing is required. At the other end of the number scale the cost of 4 screens spread over a large number of garments doesn't add a lot extra to the cost per shirt

Vinyl Cutting

Vinyl cutting is the act of creating a design in a software program then sending that design through to a vinyl cutter, which will cut out your design using a blade on sheets of vinyl.

Once the vinyl cutter has done its work, you then need to weed the cut vinyl sheets — removing all the waste vinyl from the adhesive backed sheet — and transfer the final design onto wherever you want it to go.

Vinyl work is labour intensive, and can eat into a limited budget.


We offer an in-house small batch manufacturing service of clothing and other bespoke promotional items.

For the larger orders, we outsource to our dedicated factories.

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